Skin Absolute Ultimate Rejuvenating Night 50ml

Face Cream


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This ultimate anti-ageing treatment targets signs of ageing while you sleep.

Wrinkles: combined with a meteorite extract, brown seaweed reactivates the skinÍs rejuvenating genes that help to regenerate the skin cells at night. at the same time, a botox-like active ingredient relaxes and smoothes out lines.

Firmness: a powerful collagen peptide combined with hyaluronic acid stimulates the production of skin support fibres for firmer skin.

Dark spots: a brightening active ingredient regulates the production of melanin, visibly reducing the size and intensity of dark spots.

Radiance: a vitamin c by-product evens out the complexion ensuring you wake up to radiant skin.

Skin Absolute Ultimate Rejuvinating Night Cream regenerates the skin while you sleep allowing you to wake up to a plumper, brighter complexion. Over the weeks, skin becomes denser and wrinkles are smoothed. The complexion is refreshed and even-toned.