Cologne Come Together Women 100ml

Eau De Toilette


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Thierry Mugler Cologne Come Together Eau de Toilette - Quintessential of the collection, the Eau de Toilette COME TOGETHER is the authentic milestone of Mugler Cologne.

Original and emblematic, Mugler Cologne retains its sensual and addictive sillage that has decreed its success since 2001: the fusion between petitgrain and white musks to infuse that sensual and tenacious freshness of the bodies that intertwine and the secret note S that, instead, it leaves the intimate and unforgettable memory of the most disturbing union on the skin.

The Come Together eau de toilette is fresh and light. Like a second skin, it aspires to sublimate your personality with its singular notes.

Olfactory families: Cologne green

Notes: petitgrain green, white musks.

Secret note: S

Sensation: The smell of skin against skin... the vibration given by a passionate union.